In High School you knew me as:   Victor Jones

Now I'm known as:   djovida (That's what the 60's did to/for me.)
Email address:
Spouse name:   Connie
Children:   Sharon & Jomiál
Occupation:   Broadcast Engineer

The thing I remember most about being in high school is:
      Graduating by myself in February, 1961. I went into the principal's office, shook his hand and left the campus. It took all of 10 minutes. I wish I had been there in June with everyone else.

The teacher who influenced me most was:
      Mrs. Wolfson. She taught me not to look at someone else's achievements and wish them up0on yourself. It takes a lot of work to make things happen.

When I graduated from high school my plan was:
      Make a lot of money and get my own apartment.

The thing that might surprise you about me and my life now is:
      I'm still here and that is a surprise to me. I have had ample opportunity and avoided removing myself from the system (life) and have eluded all attempts by outside forces to assist me.

      After R.H.S. I served 4 years in the Air Force. After discharge I worked at Pac Bell and attended San Francisco City College and San Francisco State College. But I graduated from Cal State University at San Francisco. In 1972, I left the phone company and entered the broadcast industry at KYA radio in SF. I started at KQED in 1977 and worked there until 1992. I was laid off and I started my own computer repair and maintenance service. I am once again at KQED and I still service my computer clients.

2014- I retired in 2013 and am now keeping busy with volunteer work and my videography business. I am a Community Emergency Response Team member, a HAM radio operator and traveler. Trying to enjoy these final years to the fullest.

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