In High School you knew me as: Rhino, Gun runner, Rey

Now I'm known as:    Da Man
Email address:
Spouse name:    Marissa
Children:   Antonio, Dante, Dean, Jennifer, Damian
Occupation:    Systems Engineer

The thing I remember most about being in high school is:
      Watching all the ladies in the center court.

The teacher who influenced me most was:
      Mr. Morrill, I still speak some Spanish he taught me. What a guy!

When I graduated from high school my plan was:
      I had no clue.

The thing that might surprise you about me and my life now is:
      I'm still married. Actively play golf and free dive regularly in Bodega Bay. Anyone want to golf?

      After high school, I went back to my roots, Kauai, Hawaii for 2 years. Came back to the Bay Area and went to a Polytechnical college and majored in electronics and minor in mechanical engineering. My first real job was in Computer Operations with a financial institution. After 10 years, decided to add more companies to my resume. Then it became a habit, I couldn't stay in one place.

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