In High School you knew me as: Jeff (the Canadian kid)

Now I'm known as:   "Don Jeff"
Email address:
Spouse name:   Elena
Children:   Robert,Alan,Marieke,Miguel Angel
Occupation:   Boutique owner

The thing I remember most about being in high school is:
      Having to jump off the high board.

The teacher who influenced me most was:
      Miss Wing (Biology) "In China if it moves you can eat it"

When I graduated from high school my plan was:
      UC SF Pharmacy (not accepted) Instead went to San Mateo and Cal State Hayward

The thing that might surprise you about me and my life now is:
      For the last years have been living in Guatemala. I have a 9 year old son. I have to speak spanish all day every day.

      After college returned to Canada. married, 3 children, mortgages. worked in civil engineering 20 years. d-i-v-o-r-c-e, back to school - Info Systems. got athletic - aerobics, bike, 10k runs. cheap holiday Guatemala, stayed there, married Guatemalan, one child. and a whole lotta stuff in between. Never went to a reunion. Just discovered this web site a few days too late. I think its great. have to run will send a note or two in the days to come.

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