In High School you knew me as:   Sue Gomes

Now I'm known as:   Sue Cheatham
Email address:
Spouse name:   Not Married
Children:   Cerstin, Karen
Occupation:   Psychotherapist

The thing I remember most about being in high school is:
      Football games (dreadful). Basketball games (fabulous). Dances. Waiting in line for those awful maple bars. Smoking in the parking lot. Getting caught. Driving to Jiffy’s. Writing long notes to girl friends.

The teacher who influenced me most was:
      Mrs. Hamilton had the most influence on me in high school. She seemed to ‘know’ me. She encouraged and supported me in many different ways, and was, in some way, influential in my interest in Psychology. And I loved that she could wise-crack and be smart at the same time.

When I graduated from high school my plan was:
      I had to do something, right? I decided that being a stewardess would be fun. So I applied to two airlines, got rejected, and then followed Toots (Diane Koory) and Mike Austin to College of San Mateo. Thankfully they weren’t going off to rob banks!

The thing that might surprise you about me and my life now is:
      Probably the most surprising thing for most people is that I am a Psychotherapist.

      College, married, two daughters, back to college for teaching credential, and lots of stuff in between. I divorced after 23 years, and went back to college for Masters. I am a Psychotherapist in private practice (since 1990). I’m single and happy and became a grandma last year.

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