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This website is dedicated to my family.

Those who didn't order Reunion 2010 T-shirts before the deadline may contact Devyn for a short time and order your shirt directly from the source. His email address is devyn.bellamy@jadasdesign.com                                             

Hello family,

There have been changes made to this website.  From this page you should decide whether you are east or west coast clan.  Most of you will be west coast because I haven't recieved any input from the easterners so far.  Just click on West Coast and then pick the person at the top of your family line. It will take you to everyone I know of in thier family.


Here are pictures of some of us. If you would like to include your photos on this site just click on "ccontact me" and email them to me. I will add them to the file.  This is only a sample of the pictures, not all of them and they are in no particular order.