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2015 CERT Holiday Celebration



"The Amateur Radio Operators Preparing for the Worst."

Here's an article that fully explains why CERT/Ham operators are needed in times of emergency.

CERT Radio Introduction

Welcome to my world of communication.  I’m djovida.  I’m a CERT and a HAM radio operator (General).  I am a member of the Contra Costa Sheriff's Auxillary Communication Service.  I hold an FCC General Class Radiotelephone license. I believe communication is the first need in a disaster and one of the most important resources during a disaster. I have created a presentation that discusses the pros and cons of various radio types. Each, in its own way, is worthy of our consideeration and use. Each CERT team will have to decide which device suits their need.

The following presentations cover FRS (Family Radio Service) and GMRS (General Mobile Radio Sevice) hand held radios, often referred to as "walkie-talkies" and Amateur Radio (HAM). All services have pros and cons. Knowing something about each will help you make a more informed decision when you buy.

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Basic Radio Accessory Kit for CERT's

You will never have everything you need for every situation but you can have a basic accessory kit that will see you through most operations. I have listed some of the items I keep handy. Be sure to get the correct accessory for your radio. All radios have slight differences that must be allowed for.  All these items are available online at Amazon, Ebay or search and are reasonably priced.

Accessory Page 1      Accessory Page 2